Friday, May 19, 2006

5/19/06 Behind the scenes at the un-seminar.

What was it really like?

Well, in addition to the big production video cameras, we had our little handy-cam... and we video-taped the secret moments... from the storm that rolled in while we were setting up, to the empty seminar room- before the show- to Joe and Craig working with people- to the massage therapists...

Just click the "play" button.

Btw, you can still get a copy of the DVDs for half price if you hurry. Click here. (only 8 copies left...)

I'll be at Joe's "Manifestation Weekend" this weekend.

I'm about half-way through editing the video from the un-seminar.

I've been in "the zone" editing... fourteen to sixteen hour days... and I'm sort of enjoying it. I missed some stuff when it was going down in real time, so the chance to go back and re-live it, and pick up the pieces I missed, is a real joy.

And then, there's that private artists thing... it's like when you write a song, and the play it back, and you just know it's gonna make a LOT of people happy... I've got that "happy artist" thing going.

The vision was to create a seminar that taught people how to put their businesses online, and then actually put the businesses online... and making a video of the whole experience so that it can be shared with everybody who needs it.

I predict that a lot of these DVD sets are gonna be given as gifts... "Watch this, Do this, meet me in the Bahamas..."

The Behind the Scenes video is just a reminder of how much fun it was...

But then, I think it is time for a break. So, I'm going to go hang out with Joe and relax this weekend. See if I can figure out why he was "glowing" this week... walking a few inches off the ground... talking about auras...

How does he do that?

I want to do that, too!

In the meantime, enjoy the video...


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